To be human is to evolve.

:a series of original quotes about what we are and how we do this thing we call life.


To be human is to evolve. If we aren’t changing, something is wrong.

The caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly is a widely used metaphor for change.

What would happen if the caterpillar decided she was too afraid to change into a butterfly? Why risk the terrors of flight? What if she had a long, deep think about her little life, and felt she’d done enough work already; didn’t want to upset things. Maybe one of her friends, a few weeks older and already fluttering about for a mate, informed her of the necessary rearranging she’d need to do while wrapped tightly in her cocoon and she chose, instead, to bypass that whole messy transformation business? After all, she was rather beautiful as-is, and content with crawling around on the earth looking for food. Who really needs wings anyway?

Though humans change and evolve during a life cycle as well, some of us tend towards stagnancy once we reach a certain comfort level in life. This plateau, this place of relaxed contentedness, can keep many of us from growing emotionally, mentally, spiritually and in many other ways. We might shy away from unfamiliar concepts and experiences, or confuse caution with complacency. Others use faith, pride or patriotism as a mask, fearful of the unknown; fearful of our own metamorphosis – our own very special gift of life.

To live is to change. This throbbing, pulsating planet we inhabit is constantly changing, as are the animals and plant life that live here with us. Why should humans, born of the same earth, be any different?

Be human! Embrace change! Live with an openness to new ideas, fresh perspectives, unique opportunities and extraordinary experiences!


Tangled clusters of misdirected love

:a series of original quotes about what we are and how we do this thing we call life.


Families = tangled clusters of misdirected love.

-Billie Marie
Did you know some trees, when dying, send messages of wisdom to their offspring?

Lately, the concept of love has been swirling around my conscious. What is it? Who does it? When is it appropriate? Why should we do it? There are a variety of ways we can describe the various conceptual blocks that build our understanding of this four letter word – mercy, loving kindness, metta, romance, agape, respect, compassion, care, empathy.

One truth I’ve come to believe is that when I love someone, my focus must be toward freedom and God. We should love each other, not to the moon and back – though it is a great saying. But, shouldn’t we love people to enlightenment …and leave them there?

When a person claims to love me, I’ve come to rely on a litmus test that begs two questions. Are the person’s actions focused on my greater well-being? And, is the intention to love my inner spirit (my connection to God)? If I perceive anything less, I understand that real love is not occuring.

I know we like to give ourselves passes. Let’s face it – We’re only human. Everyone can be self-centered at times. It’s only natural. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know we can do better.

Love should move in the direction of freedom and God. But so often, what we call love moves towards control and ourselves. Think about behaviors you engage in that you consider to be acts of love. Think about how you view others you claim to love in relation to yourself: Your partner and children, parents and siblings, friends and lovers. Do we love them in ways that uplift, inspire and support their journey towards enlightenment? Do we love them the way we want to be loved?

Rather than tangled clusters of misdirected love, families can look like streamlined rays of enlightened love: Loving each other with intention towards freedom and focus on God.

love offering …

love offering …(box of leaves)

I brought you this box of leaves. I know it isn’t a special occasion and you weren’t expecting anything. But, I had this box, and I thought it would be the perfect size and shape to hold the gift I wanted you to have.

I know it sn’t wrapped. I didn’t take the time to add any bling – no swag to brag about. Still, I thought it would suit this occasion.

And see, I hand picked each of these leaves that lie here so serenely in this old shoe box. Some I chose for color, the perfect mash-up of summer to fall – still sporting a green smidge at center and blooming out to the edges with campfire yellows and reds.

Leaf as fuel
Leaf as covering
Leaf as shelter
Leaf as beauty
Leaf as me

You took the closed box from my hands
pried open the top and peeked inside
as if you feared its contents

You smiled a sly smile upon seeing your gift
and shut the top back quickly
 after taking only a snippit of a second to admire
then looked down at your feet

Leaf as comfort
Leaf as sponge
Leaf as warmth

Leaf as art
Leaf as you

You looked up at the sky
and watched the leaves twirl down
and catch a breeze
falling gently to touch the earth

and you said
this is a shoe box
I was expecting shoes

Leaf as love
Leaf as faith
Leaf as spirit
Leaf as conscious
Leaf as us

-billie marie

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