Poetry to brighten your day – Freedom is a Corpse

The meaning of freedom for one person is vastly different than what it might mean for another.

Consider freedom as being yourself when everyone wants you to be someone else.

freedom is a corpse

freedom is a fly in a kitchen trash can
freedom is a turtle on a hiking path
freedom is pierced nipples and painted toenails
freedom prayed to Jesus that her legs wouldn’t cramp while sitting in meditation
freedom is cruising LSD on E
Look! You see freedom passin the blunt?
freedom looks like what you didn’t think you wanted
and never expected you had
freedom listens to the headlines
and whistles while she walks to work
freedom sees eternity in the rear-view mirror
I peered through the bottom of my whiskey sour glass
and saw freedom walking out the door
and then, I caught her reflection in the mirror above the bar
she must have noticed me staring
cuz she shot me a wink
just before disappearing alone into the cool dark night
freedom is the deceased
a corpse, dressed in leggings and a cami


All of life is a poem

:a series of original quotes about what we are and how we do this thing we call life.


All of life is a poem
And we, her syllabic truths

-billie marie

There is a coyote living in the park where I walk with my dog, Zora, many mornings. We saw the animal, what looked like a coyote, walking out on the frozen lagoon one early Sunday morning. A co-worker confirmed a sighting while driving to work a couple of days after that. The next day, during another early morning meander through the park, Zora decided to play copycat and walk out onto the ice. She seemed right at ease, like she belonged. When I saw her out there, I didn’t see her as a confined house pet. I saw her as the coyote, without her leash and collar – free.

What is a poem, but an expression of life. And what is life, but a beautiful poem; spoken and chanted, built and picked apart, constantly being written by us all. How do we live it? Do we live in fear? Or, do we chose to live free?