Love Your Life Quotes

Ingratitude is the captor of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve come to believe it is actually a lack of gratitude that keeps our happiness imprisoned, leaving us wondering …What more? Where next? Who now?

When we focus on what we already have and already love, we tend to feel content. We may even find our worries diminishing, and anxiety about what else is out there to achieve, accomplish, experience or conquor no longer rules our thoughts.

Be grateful! Be free to be happy!


beauty Eclipsed #23: beauty abounds when you focus on blessings

beauty abounds when you focus on blessings

“When you focus on the blessings you have, rather than unfulfilled desires or the blessings of others, the need for filters diminishes and you find that beauty abounds within the portrait of your life.”