love offering …

love offering …(box of leaves)

I brought you this box of leaves. I know it isn’t a special occasion and you weren’t expecting anything. But, I had this box, and I thought it would be the perfect size and shape to hold the gift I wanted you to have.

I know it sn’t wrapped. I didn’t take the time to add any bling – no swag to brag about. Still, I thought it would suit this occasion.

And see, I hand picked each of these leaves that lie here so serenely in this old shoe box. Some I chose for color, the perfect mash-up of summer to fall – still sporting a green smidge at center and blooming out to the edges with campfire yellows and reds.

Leaf as fuel
Leaf as covering
Leaf as shelter
Leaf as beauty
Leaf as me

You took the closed box from my hands
pried open the top and peeked inside
as if you feared its contents

You smiled a sly smile upon seeing your gift
and shut the top back quickly
 after taking only a snippit of a second to admire
then looked down at your feet

Leaf as comfort
Leaf as sponge
Leaf as warmth

Leaf as art
Leaf as you

You looked up at the sky
and watched the leaves twirl down
and catch a breeze
falling gently to touch the earth

and you said
this is a shoe box
I was expecting shoes

Leaf as love
Leaf as faith
Leaf as spirit
Leaf as conscious
Leaf as us

-billie marie

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Love Cycle: unfinished 3

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unfinished 3

you just have to cycle through it
life doesn’t offer any shortcuts
reboot if necessary
there isn’t a patch for love

Love Cycle: Poems and Sketches
by Billie Marie Moore